Poem- “A Hidden Evil”

I simply don’t understand how you can gently hold my hand only to squeeze hard when the public Aren’t watching,
You scream learn to love yourself because I’m tired of having to help yet you’re the one causing all the blotching.

Poem- “Panic”

I write this as I cry because death does not scare me,
Though as the feeling of numbness takes over my body again I can’t help but panic,
Not because I don’t want to leave loved ones behind,
Not because I’m scared of who stands behind the black glass doors of temptation,
No its far worse then that,
It has nothing to do with the tears that will be shed at my funeral,
Or the pleas of my nieces and nephews when they knock on my bedroom door and I don’t respond,
No it’s none of that.

It’s quite simple.

I’m failing as a blogger….again

I’m about to rant a little!


*This will be a very short post                                

* I swear a little

Activities to do in London

welcome back to my blog beautiful,

If you’ve read the about me page you’ll know that I was born and raised in London, England. I know a lot of people travel around the world to come to London  to see the sites and indulge in our culture. well I am all about a good list therefore I have conducted one of 5 free activities for families (I may do one just for adults soon).

First I would like to give you some friendly advice: