Pretty in pink: A wedding dress to remember

Bonjour fellow humans,

Welcome to this new section of my blog. I will offer you great ideas and inspiration about everything and anything.
I wanted to kick this off with some wedding inspiration.

Let’s face it we all love weddings, well some of us anyway, me personally I get excited just thinking of wedding gowns so I thought i’d share some beautiful images with you and where you can find them. Let’s get started…

An absolutely beautiful ball gown. Click the picture to find out where you can purchase it.
This gown reminds me of fairy lights. Anyone else?


Don’t you just love a strapless ball gown?
This model looks feisty. I love the straps on this dress it reminds me of rope (in a good way haha)
If this dress doesn’t make you feel like a princess, I don’t know what will !!


Ladies if you are married, or looking to get married, what colour wedding gown was or will be yours?

Stay beautiful,

Nina XxX