The latest high street trend

Hello beautiful people,

Today I will talk about the latest fashion trend to hit the high street.
I’m sure you would have seen it in H&M and New look already but if you haven’t this one is for you.



What is embroidery?
For those of you who do not know what embroidery is, it is the handicraft of decorating fabric with yarn or thread using a needle. Some people get fancy with it and add accessories like beads, pearls, quills and sequins.
This is an example of professional embroidery….

And this is my attempt during my internship with Lucy Tammam, a British fashion designer…..

What is patchwork?

Simply put patch work is when you have pieces of cloth in different colours, designs and textures, and sew them together using a needle.
Like so…

The two arts combined together create something very beautiful…

Have you noticed the latest high street trend?

Stay beautiful,

Nina XxX