How to create healthy smoothies with children!

Hello from the other side,

Watching super nanny over the years I’ve learned a few things.
1. The naughty step does NOT work for all children
2. Counting down makes children move so much quicker
3. A smack on the butt will not kill your child
4. Involving children in the cooking process, increases the chance of them eating/drinking it

I have done this in the past but never thought about what I was doing because it felt natural but my friend asked me how she could get her daughter to eat her greens, so I suggested she let her daughter help her cook dinner and tell her exactly what the vegetables were as they added them.
Much to her surprise this actually worked!! So I though why not create a post about it.

I am not a mother but I am an aunty of 8 children and have done my fair share of babysitting them all and on a few tedious occasions at the same time. So I think I have a good understanding of how children work.

My niece and I this past weekend decided to create a mango, pineapple and strawberry smoothie. I wanted to share with you what I learned from my little sous chef.

  1. You have to let them do it!
    Obviously I don’t mean they will do everything e.g. cutting but majority of it you have to let them do. If you see something about to drop let it drop and ask them to pick it up. Small things make a big difference.
    When I make smoothies with my niece she does pretty much everything, I specifically use pre cut and frozen fruits, for nutritional benefits, she puts that into the blender and pours the water in. I put the lid on as it has a blade and then she’s off.
  2. Mentally prepare yourself for the mess
    It’s no secret children are messy but if you are following rule 1, just have a wet cloth within arms length and get them to wipe up any mess.
  3. You need patience
    This rule will definitely apply if you are using multiple ingredients. You will be asked “what’s that?” and “why does it look like that?”, you will have to answer every question with patience and a smile, it’s not their fault they are curious.
  4. Explanation is key
    To minimise these questions you should explain, in fair detail, what everything is and why you are using it. For example, This is a banana, it comes from a tree and Is very healthy for us.
  5.  Have fun
    Don’t over analyse the situation, just have fun and take pictures to show the family.

Thank you for reading and if you have any pictures of yourself and the kids in your life cooking, baking or making smoothies, please do share I’d love to see them.

Have you got any funny experiences cooking with children? Let me know in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful,

Nina XxX