Am I a virgin for God?

“OMG you’re a virgin!..Is that for religious reasons?”…Insert eye roll

Bonjour beautiful people,
I get asked quite often, am I still a virgin for God and today I have decided to address this.

For those of you who don’t know I am a christian, born and raised in a christian household.
When I was about 13 my pastor told me that when I meet a man who I believe is the one, I need to take him to my family (especially my mum, she knows me best) and introduce them. If my family give the go ahead, I am not to have sex with him until our wedding night. He said that’s the best way to know if I have a keeper.

At this stage in my life I have had only 2 relationships, 1 I actually call a real relationship and the other one, a joke….if you know what I mean.
I only introduced my 2nd partner to my family because I thought we may have something going for us but there was no spark for the both of us. Since him I have met other men, all have expressed their want to sleep with me but it was just a solid no, not that I didn’t want to or couldn’t but it didn’t feel right.

I’m going off on a tangent, sorry….back to my point. I am not a virgin for God anymore. I was when I was younger but Life happened and my relationship with God changed, and like a bucket of cold water to my face, I realized I was holding onto my virginity for my families sake rather than my own.
If that makes sense….I was with withstanding from sex because I felt like I had to so I didn’t disappoint my family, not because I wanted to, I cared far too much of what others would think of me so I kept my legs closed.

Now? Now I withstand from sex because I haven’t found a man that makes me want to lose it. It is no longer for god or my family but it is for me and only me.

What advice would I give young women?
Hold onto it for as long as you can. I have many people tell me they wish they waited for the right person. The first time should be with someone who respects you and makes you feel comfortable, If you want flowers and candle lights then wait for someone willing to offer that on a silver platter. DO NOT SETTLE!

Know your worth and stay beautiful,

Nina xxx