The s**t no one told me about university

Welcome back,

When choosing your options, it is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of bettering your future and I know that the beautiful brochures promising a wonderful experience, full library access and helpful faculty can add to the hype of it BUT I am going to tell you the things I wish someone would have told me before I attended uni.

Mentally prepare yourself for some real s**t


I REEAALLLYY wish someone would have said to me “Nyleeta, you may wake up one randomly gloomy London day, stare at your ceiling in utter silence and realize that this was probably the biggest mistake you have ever made in your 21 years of life”

I have times where I really wish someone would have talked me out of attending university and then there are times when I am happy that I am a student, that I can put BA in Fashion on my CV and promote education to my nephews and nieces whilst being a part of the educational system.


My first 2 years my university fee was £7700 per year, which is quite good compared to other universities I think, after that the fees went up I’m not sure by how much but they did go up slightly. So lets do some quick calculations, bare in mind my course is 4 years:

£7700 x 4 = £30,800 that is excluding books and library printing credit, but I haven’t ran out of mine yet…yet!

So the government pay £6000 because I attend a private university, so I only pay £1700 every year which is divided into 8 payments:

£1700/8 =  £212.50, this paid at the beginning of every month, September through to May, excluding December.

So this is the basic break down and I have another year to go, this also leads me into my next point.


Like I mentioned before you have to pay for printing if you run out of credit, I have never ran out thankfully but I do know students who have ran out and had to pay something small like £2 for 100 sheets.

The cost of books is stupid. If you are lucky enough to find a book that is a respectable price than comment below where you got it from please, but be aware that the cost of books is crazy. I have a book worth £90 that i brought second hand for £50 on amazon. I have 5 classes per semester, there are 2 semesters in a year and i’m on a 4 year course. Now let’s do some maths again:

10 x 4 =40

that is 40 classes, the average book costs £25

40  x £25 = £1000 that is on average how much students spend over 4 years. Now that price is excluding the odd £50-£70 books that are brought, always for a class like calculus, finance and economics.

No here is my secret, I haven’t brought a book since my first year (i’m going into my fourth year in September) I download books from online or I borrow books from friends who have purchased the books OR the best one….Go to the library and photocopy all the pages and chapters I need 🙂

Another cost is travel. I have a student travel card which gives me discount, I also brought a 16-25 yr old rail card for £30 per year and it gives me 1/3 off the price. So every month I re-new my oyster car by £126.50 which is great compared to the £200 i would have paid.


People who I was certain I would graduate with dropped out in the first and second year, although it didn’t really affect me this is something you should be aware of if you are an extra sensitive person or a person who slacks a rely’s on others in class a lot.


i’m not just talking about the patience you will need to wait 3 – 4 years to graduate, although you will need a shit load of that! I mean the professors that will try you. You have teachers who are kind, caring and willing to offer you their time and effort, and then you have the teachers that teach because they believe that’s all they could do and it brings a nice paycheck.

You have to be prepared for both of them. I was, so I wasn’t shocked by the attitude and impatience i received.

I’m not going to shy away from the truth, I am a kinaesthetic learner. This means I learn best by carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to lectures or just watching people do things.

This is a struggle for me when ALL of my classes are sat at a desk listening to a teacher talk and point at a screen. The main problem comes in when you ask a teacher to repeat themselves or explain something in detail, this just makes students sit down, shut up and suffer in silence.

I just want to make one thing clear, in no way am I trying to influence anyone’s decision about whether you/they should or shouldn’t attend university, I just want you/them to know what lies ahead.
I may continue this as a series but for now that’s all folks.

Tell me your opinion on the educational system in your country? I’d love to hear from you.

Stay Beautiful,

Nina XxX