Mango Tango Crush !!

Do you love mango ? Passionfruit maybe ? If yes keep on reading! If no, then this is awkward…😶

If you’ve seen my Instagram page you will know I am obsessed with smoothies, I prefer making my own smoothies but when I don’t I grab one from Boosts: Mango Tango crush. Their smoothies always taste amazing and are incredibly refreshing. SO LET’S GET TOO IT!!


– 3/4 cup Mango

– 2/4 cup Passionfruit

– 1/4 cup Mango nectar

– 1/2 cup Tropical juice

– 1 scoop Sorbet

– 1/2 cup Ice

Instructions: Throw all that shit together 😂😂 and blend it, add the liquids in bit by bit !

There you have it, one mango tango crush that makes your toes curl.

Stay beautiful,

Nina xxx