Poem- “A Hidden Evil”

I simply don’t understand how you can gently hold my hand only to squeeze hard when the public Aren’t watching,
You scream learn to love yourself because I’m tired of having to help yet you’re the one causing all the blotching.

You shout tidy up your office because your desk is quite atrocious and it’s Beginning to make my skin crawl,
So I began the dirty process, whilst you play the doting hostess who skirts the main problem and loves to stall.

Now my waist is getting thin, seems real cute when looking in but it’s an outburst of no food and dehydration,
Not that the bowls been moved away, I just can’t stomach what you say and this is no longer a honeymoon destination.

You’ve placed the knife into my hand, advertised like a luxury brand and you tell me not to purchase any items,
Not because my bank account is empty instead your hand is very heavy, and I know for fact your ego is getting heightened.

If you weren’t so bloody near you’d find a way to travel here because evil doesn’t comprehend rejection,
What once a stupid mistake now a risk I have to take, it could have been solved by the use of Contraception.