Gaining weight the right way!

Hello beautiful people, long time no see!!

I know it’s been a long time since I last posted but time seems to be something that I don’t have anymore, anyway as you can tell from the title of this blog I am going to give you magical tips and tricks to gaining weight the healthy way.

So are you ready to gain weight?

Gasp “Did she just ask who wants to gain weight?” I hear you whisper to each other, Yes huntay I said GAIN weight, I, like many others, struggle to gain weight and not just any kind of weight I mean the healthy kind! Let’s jump right into it đŸ™‚


Eat more calories than your body burns. If you have done your research then you probably already know this. Let’s say you burn around 1500 calories in a day you need to eat around 2000-2500 calories a day. Basically add 500 calories to the calories you’ve lost and you are on the right track đŸ™‚

If you don’t know where you fit on the “how much I lose in a day” scale, here you go:

For inactive women: 1,600 + 500 + the calories you burned working out

For active women: 2,100 + 500 + the calories you burned working out

For inactive men: 2,200 + 500 + the calories you burned working out

For fairly active men: 2,600 + 500 + the calories you burned working out

If you’re wondering “where the hell did she get the first numbers from?, I thought she only said 500 + the calories burned” Well according to Buzzfeed that’s the amount of calories you burn regardless of whether you work out or not, so that needs to be added to your daily intake as well.

Buzzfeed also have a calculator on their website so you can get a ruff estimate of how many calories you use need to be consuming in a day in order to achieve your goals. Below is mine:

OR if you own a smartphone download an app that will count how many steps you take in a day

2.  Balance

Learn to balance the amount of calories, protein and fat you eat.

Buzzfeed recommends that we eat 30% calories, 30% protein and 40% fat. Now let me just say this, a lot of people are going to hear fat and then say “eeeewwwww Bitch you want me to eat fat” well fat is in almost everything you eat but I mean the healthy kind of fats.

Quick science lesson:

Polyunsaturated fats: Liquid when stored at room temperature and placed in the fridge e.g. sunflower and sesame seeds, many nuts and seed oils.

monounsaturated fats: liquid when stored at room temperature but solid when placed in the fridge e.g. canola, olive and peanut oil.

Saturated fats: these are the fats you want to avoid!! they are solid at room temperature e.g. butter, cheese and red meat. Too much saturated fat (not all) can clog your arteries which means you are likely to suffer a heart attack

Both poly and mono-unsaturated fats can lower your blood cholesterol when used in place of unsaturated fats.


3. Exercise and do it right

If you are working out twice a week and see no results, it’s probable because you are working on the wrong muscles.

Do you run on the treadmill? Yes? WELL STOP IT

Running on the treadmill will make you lose your weight fast! You need to lift and lift heavy. I will do a blog later this week on exercises that aid in weight gain.

4. Refuel right after a workout.

You need to consume around 25g of protein within 30 minutes after your workout and eat a full meal within 2.5 hours.

5. Diaries and plan

Having a diary can save you time from guessing and thinking too hard about what you have eaten and having a plan enables you to avoid purchasing a diary because you already know what you have consumes during the day, but you may still want to purchase a small one so you can keep track of your weight and ensure you are reaching goals.

6. Protein shaaaaakes

Invest in a high quality, high calorie protein shake. Take it straight after your workout, remember that 30 minutes after workout thing I mentioned earlier….yeah? Good, this is what you should drink after a workout.

If, much like myself, you know you can’t eat as many calories as you need during the day, I give you two options. A- Have a supplement that will increase your appetite  (apetamin is a good one but can cost you) B- Find a high calorie shakes that can make up for what was lost.

7. Eat much and eat often

Gradually increase your portion sizes, please notice how I said GRADUALLY and in hand with eating more, you need to eat more often. Try to eat every 3 hours, on the hour, if every three hours is not possible have in mind

8. Get quality sleep.

This simply allows your body to do it’s job under disturbed. Your body does a lot whilst you are asleep.

What NOT to do!!

1. Stress. you are not, even by the grace of god, going to gain weight over night unless you have a medical condition that permits you to do so, so getting upset and quitting is something you should not do because it will not help.

2. Don’t drink water before meals because it will fill you up and you won’t finish your meal

3. Don’t binge eat just to add a few pounds. So not worth it!

There is so much more that you can do to gain weight the right way but these are the things that come to mind. If there is anything that you do that works for you let me know.

Stay beautiful,

Nina xxx