Activities to do in London

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If you’ve read the about me page you’ll know that I was born and raised in London, England. I know a lot of people travel around the world to come to London  to see the sites and indulge in our culture. well I am all about a good list therefore I have conducted one of 5 free activities for families (I may do one just for adults soon).

First I would like to give you some friendly advice:

  1. Research!  If possible go onto google maps before you leave your accommodation and have a good idea of where you are going and how you will get there (bring our map with you)
  2. Grab yourself a map. It is easy for people to get lost in London, especially is you end up in South London and your final destination is North. To make it even worst, on a week day trains stop just before midnight, so bring a mpa with you and keep it in your bag.

5 free places to visit in London

  1. The British museum- collector of world art and artifacts, this beautiful place if free for all 🙂


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2. The Kenwood House: My white brother works here and I have been to visit him, the place is beautiful. The view is absolutely breath taking, especially in the summer, children running down the hills, Parents watching on while having lunch which you can purchase from the cafe.

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Image result for kenwood house


3. Crystal palace park: If your children or yourself, love dinosaurs then this is the park for you!! Crystal palace park is a large park in south London filled with full-size dinosaurs, an outdoor concert stage, children’s playground and farm, national sports center and loads of green space for picnics and so on

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Image result for crystal palace park maze


4. Southbank centre: Calling all lovers for skateboarding and photography. south bank is known for it’s legal graffiti tunnel, skateboard park, constant markets and theater shows.

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Image result for south bank graffiti


5. Convent Garden: Now lets not get confused, there are restaurants and shops in covent garden that you obviously have to pay for but what is free, is the ambiance and architecture in the location. You’ll also find on a day to day basis hopeful musicians busking for money and an opportunity.

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Enjoy London and stay beautiful,

Nina XxX