Chicken and prawn Yaki soba

Welcome back beautiful people.

As some of you know I Looove food, if you don’t know just check out my Instagram 😉In this post I’m going to show you one of my favourite dishes from Wagamama. The wonderful “chicken and prawn Yaki soba”. This dish is super easy and straight forward to make, so Let’s getting straight into it.


2 chicken thighs

6 cooked prawns

¼ red pepper

¼ green pepper sliced

¼ onion sliced

2 spring onions chopped

Handful of beansprouts

150g egg noodles

1 egg

Vegetable oil +1 tbsp soy sauce

Red pickled ginger + toasted mixed sesame seeds


STEP 1: Marinate your chicken thighs for an hour (1 hour) then cook thoroughly.

– How you choose to cook it is up to you, I would fry it simply because it is quicker but it is not the  healthy option
STEP 2: Cook egg noodles in boiling water

– This only takes a few minutes, so don’t put them on and then jump in the bath
STEP 3: Heat oil in a pan or Wok.  Then add all fresh ingredients + add prawns + cooked chicken

– I would advise you to use a wok because all the food will cook quickly and thoroughly

– Fresh ingredients are your vegetables, just in case you were like what the fuck are fresh ingredients

– You don’t need to pre-cook the prawns, if you do pre-cook the prawns just make sure everything else is cooked properly. Prawns cook quickly and if you pre-cook them and then add them again they turn hard and rubbery
STEP 4: whisk egg, then add drained noodles + egg in to the wok
STEP 5: Toss ingredients

– Meaning give it a good mix. LOOK AT THE FLICK OF THE WRIST
STEP 6: Add soya sauce + seasoning to taste

– I like my all purpose seasoning 😃
STEP 7: Time to serve. Plate up and garnish with the pickled ginger and sesame seeds.
That’s it. That wasn’t too hard 😆 and all your friends and family will be super impressed. YOU’RE WELCOME 😂😂
Until next time, Stay beautiful,
Nina xx