What to wear and how to wear it: Job Interview

Coming into the New Year some of us have new resolutions which may involve leaving past jobs and starting a new one. For me, it was starting this blog.

In this post I am going to present you with ideas for how you should dress when attending a job interview, I will also give you tips on how to appear confident even if you feel like you’re dying inside. So let’s get straight to it.

Quick Tip: Research your potential new job and check out how others dress, are they formal? Informal? Do the employees wear flared trousers or straight cut ones? Colourful or simply black and white?

Straight black trousers

Stay on the safe side when going for an interview and don’t be put off by the price. Think of it as an investment into your potential future job and even if you don’t get the job you can always wear them for the next one and the one after that, and so on. You can also dress them up with a nice jumper for winter or a sexy top for a romantic dinner.

If you break the mould and don’t want to wear black trousers, try boot cut khaki pants and pair it with a black blouse.

TIP: Try it before you buy it! You need to ensure they are the correct length especially if you have long legs.

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You can’t go wrong with a nice chiffon or silk blouse BUT where you can go wrong is with the colour.

Stick with the basic, easy on the eye colours: White, black, ivory, green and dark blue.

TIP: Ladies who are top heavy, avoid blouses that are low cut and if it can’t be avoided for whatever reason, purchase a cleavage cover up like “cleava”. It attaches to your bra strap under your shirt and viola! Your boobies are hidden.

Question: To tuck or not to tuck?

Well that depends on the fit of the blouse, length of the sleeves, and the type of trousers you purchased. Send a pic and I’ll help you out 😉

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The number one question I get asked by friends when attending an interview is…. Should I wear heels? YES BITCH PUT THEM HEELS ON!!

  I wear heels to nearly all interviews unless 1. Told not to or 2. Don’t feel it would be appropriate for that company.

This is one of the things I was referring to earlier in my quick tip, when I said research the company. Think about it, if you’re apply for a job as a construction worker are you going to wear heels? No that’s silly because there may be a practical assessment as part of the interview BUT If you were going for an interview for a secretary position you could wear heels or flats, or what I do is wear heels and bring flats just in case.

Colours: pretty much any colour works especially if your outfit is black.

TIP: If you just purchased heels, ensure they are SUPER comfortable otherwise you will come home limping from the blisters and corns. Remember: Just because you’re a size 6 for 1 brand doesn’t mean the same applies for them all, so once again…TRY BEFORE YOU BUY

TIP: If your shoes are tight on your feet, here are two options to help with that.

Place water in a sealed bag and then place the bag into your shoes and freeze overnight.

Place on your thickest socks or layer your socks and squeeze your feet into the shoes, grab your blow dryer and aim it at your feet. The heat will make the material malleable and it will mould to the adjusted size.


I am going to say this simply for you, for majority of job interviews, especially a formal one…

DO NOT wear a halter neck. You’re not on the beach

DO NOT wear animal print. This is not jersey shore

DO NOT have a low cut neck line. Unless you want the wrong kind of attention

DO NOT wear a floor length. It is not the met gala

DO NOT wear a sparkly or bedazzled dress. Just No

DO NOT wear neon colours. Not a rave

With that said, you should have a clear idea of what you can wear. Simple stair black fitted dresses. NOW there is a big difference between fitted and bodycon that quite a few people don’t bloody get.

A bodycon dress aims to enhance and show of your assets. Normally work when going somewhere where attention is appreciated aka clubbing.

A simple fitted dress neither enhances nor hides your assets. This can be worn to dinners and special occasions.

The difference is noticeable especially in women who are not top or bottom heavy.

Colours: Black, not whites, khaki, grey dark purple.

TIP: Ladies watch out for them sweat patches. You can purchase round pad that stick to the inside of your dress and that absorbs the sweat. If you cannot afford that Grab one of your sanitary towels and cut it in half and viola, you have two sticky pads for each armpit.


If you do not own a bag, go get one (buy a tote bag)

Simple colours e.g blacks, grays etc.  Try if possible to match your bag colour with your shoes.

Bag content:

  • A small make up bag (keep spare hair bands and pins in it)
  • Perfume as it lasts longer than spray
  • A pen and notebook (bring a few pens in case one runs out)
  • Portable Phone charge
  • Necessary documentations (passports, visa if needed etc.)
  • Reading glasses (don’t be like me and squint at everything)
  • Purse
  • Mints not gum!
  • Hand cream (smooth hands are better than ruff ones)


Earrings- studs are perfect, again try and match them to your shoes and bag.

Rings- keep them to a minimum especially if you talk with your hands.

Bracelets- off unless they are for religious reasons.

Visible Piercings- I would advise you to take them out but that is completely up to you. My sister doesn’t take hers out unless absolutely necessary.

Nail vanish- Ladies go simple (black doesn’t count in this case)


I’m going to break this down into for my sisters with the weave and for my natural huntays.

Weave: sleek it down and bobby pin dat shit!! Hide the bumps and shame if your tracks out coming lose and then book an appointment to get that sorted for the next day.

Depending on how your hair has been installed you may be limited to what you can do. So keep to low buns and ponytails.

Naturals: The same rule applies really, stick to buns and ponytails, whether it is low or high should depend on your outfit.

If you have a wide neck blouse then go for a high ponytail or bun and vice versa with a narrow neck blouse.

Now when I say high bun….I do not mean a round blob of hair directly on top of your head, please don’t do that!!

Image result for work hairstyles

How to look confident, even when you don’t feel it.

  1. Eye contact: They want to see you are paying attention when they talk and this simple act can make you appear as though you have nothing to hide. NO FEAR!
  2. Hands together: If you have a habit of fidgeting when nervous or shy then do this. Squeeze your hands together gently if you feel yourself panicking or at a loss for words (just make sure the employer cannot see you doing this)
  3. Feet planted on the floor. Feeling physically ground can help you stay mentally grounded. If you shake your leg when nervous this will be good for you to do as it can help prevent this. If and when you feel your heels come off the floor and you’re about to start shaking push your feet into the floor.
  4. Sit up straight. Slouching in any situation is unattractive, makes you look like you would rather be anywhere else but where you are at that moment, so don’t slouch because Ya look rude!
  5. Nod your head. Nodding is a simple indication you are paying attention to what is being said. Don’t believe me? When you’re talking watch the employers head nod when you say something important.
  6. This is one of, if not the most important thing you need to do. Deliver a strong sturdy hand shake. Ladies this is not the 1930’s where you delicately place your hand in the gentleman’s hand. A handshake gives your employer insight to the type of person you are professionally, so please don’t be the weak link in the chain.

If you do not know how to give and receive a good handshake, respectfully please find yourself on YouTube.

And that is where I am ending this post, thank you so much for reading. Please follow and share this post.

Stay beautiful,

Nina x

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