Pretty in pink: A wedding dress to remember

Bonjour fellow humans, Welcome to this new section of my blog. I will offer you great ideas and […]

The latest high street trend

Hello beautiful people,

Today I will talk about the latest fashion trend to hit the high street.
I’m sure you would have seen it in H&M and New look already but if you haven’t this one is for you.



What is embroidery?

Am I a virgin for God?

“OMG you’re a virgin!..Is that for religious reasons?”…Insert eye roll

Bonjour beautiful people,
I get asked quite often, am I still a virgin for God and today I have decided to address this.

The s**t no one told me about university

Welcome back,

When choosing your options, it is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of bettering your future and I know that the beautiful brochures promising a wonderful experience, full library access and helpful faculty can add to the hype of it BUT I am going to tell you the things I wish someone would have told me before I attended uni.

Mentally prepare yourself for some real s**t

People’s choice awards #Favouriteoutfits

Bonjour Beautiful people, I know I’ve been gone like 2 thousand years but i’m back as are you!! […]

Mango Tango Crush !!

Do you love mango ? Passionfruit maybe ? If yes keep on reading! If no, then this is awkward…😶

Poem- “A Hidden Evil”

I simply don’t understand how you can gently hold my hand only to squeeze hard when the public Aren’t watching,
You scream learn to love yourself because I’m tired of having to help yet you’re the one causing all the blotching.